Account Management

How do I create my username/password?

During the order entry process, there is a section that asks for a username and password.

How do I pay my bill?

As a Flash Wireless customer, your account is set up on automatic billing on a credit/debit card. If you need to update your card information please visit the Account Summary tab to update your payment information.

Can I change my bill cycle date?

No. Bill cycle dates cannot be adjusted once established on the account.

  How do I add a line to my account?

Login to Flash Wireless and select Shop Devices or Bring Your Own Device from the main menu.

How do I upgrade my device?

Login to Flash Wireless and select Upgrade / Change Device.

How do I add or remove device protection from my account?

Login to Flash Wireless. If you are eligible you can select Add Device Protection.

How do I add or remove International Long Distance?

Login to Flash Wireless and select Add or Remove International Long Distance

How do I change my phone number?

Please contact Flash Wireless Customer Care using online chat or you may text or call 888-226-2141 FREE.

How long will it take for my service to restore once I pay my bill online?

Once your payment is made, your service will be restored within minutes. However, during peak times restoral of services may take up to 1-hour