How do you use their towers?

How do we do it?


How do I manage my account if there is no physical store?

Account Management


How do I activate my phone?

Activating Your Device


How does billing work?



If I bring my cellphone with me, how do I activate it?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device – bring your cellphone with you)


Do you have insurance for my phone?

Device Protection


What is a FlexWallet and do I have to have it?



Can I keep my cellphone number?

Number Transfers


How do I order a new phone?

Ordering and Shipping


Do you have free roaming if I’m traveling or out of my service area?



How do I get my phone to work?

SIM Cards


If I participate in the Strive for 5 program and get a free cellphone bill, what will I have to pay?

Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges


Is unlimited really unlimited to infinity and beyond?

Unlimited Data Plans