Flash Wireless App

Protects your device and its valuable contents in the event of loss or theft. Transfer content from an old device to a new device, back up your content to the cloud, and gain access to the world’s largest network of pre-qualified Wi-Fi hotspots. The app includes valuable features:

  1. Safezones: Monitor the location of a device, set active times and locations for when and where the device is expected to be, and receive notifications for new activity. To set up Safe Zones, you can access the online portal https://flash.yougetitback.com/
  2. Transfer Content: Transfer contacts, pictures and videos from one device to another, or set up an automatic backup to cloud storage.
  3. Access Wi-Fi Hotspots: After one-time set-up, the app automatically connects your device to millions of high quality public hotspots, helping you save on mobile data usage.

    Will I be charged for this service?

    No, The cost of the Flash Wireless App is free. However, usage of certain features with in the app that utilize data, will be counted as data usage against your monthly rate plan.


    What is a portal Wi-Fi Hotspot and how does Flash Wi-Fi work differently than the device Wi-Fi?

    Flash Wi-Fi does not replace the native Android Wi-Fi connection manager. Rather, Flash Wi-Fi boosts the connection manager’s performance by identifying which hotspots to connect to and, more importantly, how to connect to them. For example, many public hotspots are portal based this means a user with an ordinary Android device must manually connect to the hotspot SSID in the device settings and then must launch their device browser and tap on an “accept” button on the portal page before they get a working Wi-Fi connection. Flash Wi-Fi takes care of all these steps automatically.