Rates, Plans, and Equipment

I have a two year contract, will I be charged an Early Termination Fee if I change my plan?

No, you will not be charged an Early Termination Fee for changing your plan as long as you remain on the same contract.

Does Flash Wireless require a data package for smart phones?

No. you are able to select any plan package. Check out the current plan selections for each network to determine the plan that’s right for you.

Can I purchase wireless service for my small business through the Flash Wireless?

Yes. Small Business accounts are available by going to www.flashwireless.com and selecting Business Services from the menu options.

Does Flash Wireless offer hotspots/tethering features?

Currenlty Flash Wireless offerdd the mobile hotspot on select networks and plans. For detail information, please visit the rate plans page for each network.

Is a credit check required with Flash Wireless?

For most plans, no. If you select a consumer 2-year contract plan or a small businesss contract plan, these do require a credit check.

Is there a contract option available with Flash Wireless?

Yes, Flash Wireless (s) offers a 2 year contract service option which requires a credit check.

What additional charges can I see with Flash Wireless?

Payments and Adjustments, Account Charges and Credits, Monthly Service Charges, and Usage Charges – These sections include payments made, charges for products, services, and usage, and credits applied. Other Fees, and Taxes and Surcharges – These sections include a Federal Universal Service Charge and, if applicable, a State and/or other local Universal Service Charge and other government or carrier charges that Flash Wireless passes through to you (“USF and Similar Charges”) to recover charges imposed on us by the government or other carriers to support universal service or fulfill other obligations. The Federal Communications Commission’s quarterly USF contribution factor is used to calculate the Federal Universal Service Charge, which is imposed on charges for interstate and international telecommunications. These USF and Similar Charges are Flash Wireless charges, not taxes. The USF and Similar Charges are subject to change from time to time. The “Other Fees” section includes the Flash Wireless Regulatory and Administrative Charges to help defray various government charges we pay, including license fees and other government imposed fees, and expenses we incur in connection with regulatory compliance and payment of any related charges. Please note that the Flash Wireless Administrative and Regulatory Charges are Flash Wireless charges, not taxes. These charges, and what’s included in them, are subject to change from time to time. These charges will be assessed on a per line basis. The “Taxes and Surcharges” section includes sales, excise and other taxes that we are required by law to bill customers. These taxes may change from time to time without notice. Late Fee Information – A late payment applies for unpaid balances. The charge is 1.5% per month, or as otherwise permitted by law.