Small Business Plan Information

Does Flash Wireless offer Business Services?

Small business plans and services are currently only available on Flash Wireless Yellow. You may find additional information by visiting our small business page here.

What is required to sign up for a Small Business account?

Flash Wireless business solutions are available for all Customers with a valid business name and/or Tax ID. In corporation situations, a valid tax ID will be used to establish an account and if applicable, permorm and credit check (2-year contract slection only)

Does Flash Wireless require a credit check in order to have a Small Business account?

No. When placing your order, you may select a contract or no contract option. No contract small business accounts will be required to pay retail price for devices.

What is the activation fee per line on a Small Business account?

The activation fee is $35.00 per line.

What happens if my Small Business account uses all of the data allotted in our plan?

Once all GB of data are used, Flash Wireless will automatically charge $14 to your credit card for a new 1 GB data allowance to be shared by the lines on your account.