International Long Distance/Roaming

International Roaming FAQ’s

How and when will I be charged for the International Roaming Usage?

Usage is at a variable cost by location and service. These services include voice, outgoing text messaging, incoming text messaging and data. You will be charged the rate for that location based on the amount of usage. While traveling internationally, it may take up to 30days for Flash Wireless to receive your usage records and charge accordingly.

Is it possible for charges to come in past the 30-days?

Yes, charges may take up to a full 4-6 weeks to appear and deduct funds from your Flex Wallet.

Can I receive a credit or refund for the unused portion of the International Roaming funds I prepaid into my Flex Wallet?

Yes, you can obtain a refund following 60-days of the feature being added on to your account or 60-days from the last recorded usage in an international roaming location. Any unused portion will be credited to your account and apply towards your next monthly rate plan charge. If requested, the agent can assist with refunding the unused portion to the original payment method. The refund applies to active accounts that are in good standing.

Can I use my device outside the US?

It depends on your device. World Devices: These devices can be used in the US and in more than 200 other countries. World Device examples, not limited to:

  • Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, J3v, S4
  • Motorola Z Droid, Z Force Droid,  Z Play Droid Turbo 2
  • LG V2O, Stylo 2 V, G5, K4 LTE, Terra, G6
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL
  • HTC Desire 530, 10

 How do I make sure my device is ready when traveling to international destinations:

Make sure you have the international roaming feature on your account as well as at least $50 in your Flex Wallet. Also, make sure you have the international roaming setting enabled on your device:

To turn on roaming:
iOS: Go to Settings, Cellular, and turn on Voice and Data roaming.
Android™:Steps will vary by device, however, some devices may automatically prompt you to allow global data once you arrive to your destination.

How long does it typically take for international travel charges apply to my account?

It could take up to 60 days for international travel charges to appear on your bill.

How am I charged for international roaming usage:

International roaming charges will deduct from your Flex Wallet. To add international roaming services, you must call the Flash Wireless International Travel Support line. They can review options, rates and assign a prepaid international roaming balance that will best fit your needs.

Can I adjust how many times I want the flex wallet to be replenished?

Yes, your flex wallet services are customizable. Click here to learn more about the flex wallet features.

Will I have all the same features and apps while traveling outside the US?

Email, apps and other features that use data are subject to capabilities within the destination of travel. These features and functionalities may not be available while traveling internationally.

Flash Wireless International Calling and Roaming Services

International Calling – Per Minute

To make an international call, dial 011 + (country code) + phone number.

U.S. International Calling Rates*

International Long Distance                     


                     Country            Landline         Mobile
American Samoa$1.99$1.99
British Virgin Islands$1.49$1.49
Cayman Islands$1.49$1.99
Dominican Republic$1.49$1.69
St. Kitts/Nevis$1.49$1.99
St. Lucia$1.49$1.99
St. Vincent/Grenadines$1.49$1.99


International Texting

Text messages sent to and received from international destinations are subject to a $0.20 per text message surcharge. International text messaging surcharges will be decremented from your FlexWallet (FlexWallet is a convenient feature for No Contract Customers that enables domestic voice roaming, international long distance calling, directory assistance and usage of voice, text and data beyond what is allowed in the selected service plan. Flex Wallets are credited with $10 for each line. Your FlexWallet will rollover from month-to-month for 12 months. When the balance reaches $3.00, Flash Wireless will automatically charge $10 per line to the credit card on file. FlexWallet spending limits can be set by logging into your account at The monthly refill amount default is $50.00.).


International Roaming

Traveling Abroad? Flash Wireless now offers international roaming services in many countries overseas.

Flash Wireless – Verizon NetworkVoiceText SentText Received
Puerto Rico$1.00$0.50$0.05
All Other Countries$1.00$0.50$0.05
Cruise Ship$2.50N/AN/A

Prior to traveling, you must first ensure your device is enabled and has the most current software.

Flash Wireless Verizon Network

For all devices follow these steps to enable roaming for international travel:

a.  Dial *22891, followed by the “SEND” key.

b. When prompted, press option #2, to update your phones roaming capabilities (This process may take up to 2 minutes).

c. Once completed, a confirmation message will be played, and a message will display on the phone screen.

Not all devices are capable of international roaming. Please verify the capability of your device by following the instructions above.

* All calls are rated per-minute basis. Charges associated with the above destinations will be decremented from your FlexWallet Balance International Dialing feature for other destinations may not be available. Intended for residential calling only (direct dialed conversations or voice mail messages). Chat lines, data, fax, commercial use, Internet access and/or long distance calls made using call forwarding and three-way calling features are prohibited. Flash Wireless reserves the right to terminate enrollment in this plan. Excludes calls terminating to some 218 area codes, chat lines, and certain call types such as private, military, non-geographic and premium numbers. Destinations are subject to change.

Surcharge rates for each International Long Distance calling option are shown below and apply per minute in addition to applicable core service plan domestic airtime charges and taxes.

The foregoing rates are subject to the Flash Wireless Terms Conditions and may change at any time without notice.